Life Gets in the Way

This week I had an unusually busy week. A friend’s husband died suddenly last week and the funeral is this evening. I saw her this week and combined with client meetings and conference calls at odd hours, my yoga attendance suffered. Could I have possibly attended more than I did? Yes. However, I did go to 2 spin classes, which are 45 min a pop. A bit easier to manage than 90 min Bikram classes.

As both penance and reward, I woke up at 5:15 this am and went to the 6:30 am class, the earliest my studio offers. I gave it my all and enjoyed the class. I plan to go over the weekend as well. And you know what, for skipping a handful of days, I wasn’t too bad. Did all the poses. Expected to be tighter and pay the price-but while my warm up may have been a bit stiffer, hard poses like Standing Head to Knee and toe stand were just where they were days before.

My attitude may be the biggest shift. No drama. I’m not beating myself up for not going, because I know I’ll get there. I know this is an aberration and I plan to return to my schedule next week. And you know what, yoga will be waiting for me.


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