The Bow Paradox

Today I noted my best and worst postures in class were Bow. Worst was standing bow, best was spine strengthening bow. How ironic, since I would think it’s the opposite for most. Must be something going on with me and Bow!

For a good long while my standing bow pulling bow has been a disaster. I’m unsure the root, but I have a ton of problems balancing, and with all the stopping and starting, it’s no surprise that my flexibility has not improved much. Some days for sure we’re all a little off with our balance, however I have had real challenges with this one for a few months… even if my balance is good in awkward pose, standing head to knee, etc. Weird.

Even weirder perhaps is both yesterday and today, my seated bow was better. I say better b/c this may be one of my most challenging postures. “Kick” sounds like such an easy request, but so many times my legs stubbornly raise 1/4″. Moving on to my stomach seems equally impossible. It feels like my legs don’t know how to kick when I’m lying down and pulling them. I’m sure being at the end of the spine series doesn’t help, when I’m a cross between delirious and praying for the end. Seriously, I in no way resemble a bow here, more like a dead bug.

Having said all that, and despite being in a super humid room, today I got my legs higher. Not high, not sure I was even on my belly, but higher. Sometimes you don’t know why…you just do. And be grateful.




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