Day 23 of the Cleanse and Random Class Comment

I am on Day 23 of my cleanse. I thought it was supposed to end yesterday but the person in charge asked us to continue to form a habit. Sneaky. Here I had dreams of chinese food and pizza. (Well, not really, but maybe an Amy’s vegan, rice crust pizza!) We’re having a call tonight about if we want to re-introduce certain foods back. While I am pleasantly surprised how I am faring, the reboot is extremely restrictive (no soy, no legumes, no seafood, no nightshades, no sugar, no caffeine, no dairy, no alcohol, no gluten, only almonds and walnuts, no other nuts) so I am getting a little… antsy. I am not bursting with energy as I hoped I would, although I do seem better and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some weight. As part of this reboot, I shifted my workouts, to (approx) doing planks three times a week (hellish), 3 cardio and 3 Bikram classes a week. This is a slight decline from my normal 4 Bikram classes a week, however, I wanted to mix things up. I would have liked to add a bar class/pilates type toning but the times don’t work at my gym.

Surprisingly, my yoga has improved during this period. Despite going less and sometimes drinking mostly green juice and salads, I have felt stronger and made some modest gains (see my earlier posts about touching my nose to my knee-woot!)–I did that again yesterday in class. I wonder if the increased cardio has improved my stamina?

In class yesterday (tried a very early Sunday class!) the teacher mentioned something that caught my attention: If you’re tired, you’re more likely to be sloppy and do a pose incorrectly. She suggested it’s better to sit out a posture than do it half assed. For one, you’re more likely to injure yourself and two, you probably need to catch your breath. Nothing she said was rocket science, however, I think in my head, the thought of doing the posture, however lame, is better than not. Sometimes my second set of triangle is frightening and honestly my seated bow is usually hellacious, so I may see if I sitting out a set makes the set I do stronger and more correct. Not sure about that yet.

So, this week I continue the cleanse and my classes, find my edge and push, as Leigh Hall would say!



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