Crack of Dawn

This week I have doneĀ  6:30am and 7 am classes this week. I love getting the classes done with, although carrying around my stinky towel and yoga clothes is no treat. As mentioned, I’ve had a series of better than average classes over the past 2 weeks or so. I knew it was a matter of time and Thurs the streak ended. It wasn’t a clunker-God-let-this-class end disaster, but it was decidely worse than my recent glory days. Why you ask?

Well, I knew I felt shaky around SH2K and Standing Bow. I always stumble with these 2 bad boys and I felt particularly weak with Bow. I started to put a hand on the floor in between to rest. Never a good sign.

By triangle, I knew I didn’t have the energy of the past 2 weeks and the heat was really bothering me. I sat out half of one set. I get very annoyed when the heat overwhelms me. I like itĀ  to be hot, but not torturous.

That doesn’t sound terrible you say… Well, my nose came NO WHERE to touching my knee in the separate standing leg pose, despite my recent breakthrough

My toe stand attempts were particularly lame as was my seated bow.

I did all the poses and moped through class.

As mentioned, not a disaster but not the best. All part of the practice…

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