It dawned on me as I attended the crack of dawn Mon am class that my worst posture may indeed be situps. I do recall somedays they are better, but as a general rule, I am never able to touch my head to my knees and often either my ankles lift off the floor or my hands readily separate from my ears.

I don’t think I’ve really considered them a serious part of class, almost like an extra or connector. This may be because these are hard for me or b/c they are not really treated like a posture.

My core strength could definitely use improvement and my poor situps may be one reason why¬† I sometimes think the Bikram class doesn’t pay enough attention to this. I may simply be ignoring them!

I am adding this to my things to work on. Day 16 of my cleanse perhaps gives me a different perspective. Ironically, classes are easier in the sense that I have been able to do all the postures for the last 5-6 classes, where before, I’d enough sit down for one set of triangle or feel I was about to collapse by tree. No sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, gluten, seafood, nightshades or soy seems to be giving me strength in class, although not helping my situps.




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