Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose

You know the pose after triangle where you are standing and twist your hips 5x and slowly bring your head to your knee. This is the pose the teacher says doesn’t start until your head touches your knee. You’re allowed to bend your knee, but your head must touch your knee. Sound familiar?

Well, bent knee or not, for over a year, I have not been able to get my head near my knee. Unsure if it’s boobs, stomach or lack of flexibility. I do know notice most people are able to do this pose but for whatever reason, I have not been successful.

Today, continuing in a roll of decent classes, I touched my nose to my right knee when it was totlly bent (my more flexible side).  A nose!!! Something touched. Hallelujah! It wasn’t my forehead remotely but it was a smidge of a nose. And then I did it second set too. I love these moments of accomplishment. They may be small or big, but they are real and should be celebrated.

Part of me wonders if these good classes I’ve had the past week or so are related to my cleanse. I’m on Day 13 and survived a dinner out having a green salad (brought my own home made dressing) and tea while everyone was having tacos, ribs and burgers.


This is the pose that has been extremely challenging for me.


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