One of the Best Classes

I went to Bikram class at 4pm yesterday on the hottest day of the year (so far). I was filled with trepidation b/c of the time (already winding down) and the heat but the teacher is one who I’ve noted control the temperature very well, so off I went. I had my electrolytes and magnesium before, trying to give myself every advantage. I noted however, almost no one went down in the class, so I think the temperature was perfect or even a little mild. No complaints!

Turns out it was one of the best classes I’ve had in a long time. Why? Well, I did every pose and had the energy to give it my all. Normally, after the standing series, I’m treading water. The warm up didn’t seem unusual-noticed on one leg in eagle I’m inching my foot a little closer to wrapping, but still no where close. Progress started on SH2K. I was able to grab my leg with hands under for both feet. This may not sound like a major deal after a year of yoga, but this posture has been a real challenge for me. I made progress only to find out I was doing it wrong, so I sorted back at the beginning. In this class, I kicked out on one side and even got a compliment from the instructor. Standing bow was still a disaster and posture I must say I’ve either made no progress or declined on. Anyway… was able to grab my ankles for separate leg stretching and just felt more flexible throughout the whole class, being able to stretch further in triangle, did better in toe stand (although still in the early stages) on the seated separate leg stretching at the end. Who knew?

I hope I have classes like this more than 1 a year, but whenever/however they do happen, they certainly feel great! I have class tomorrow, we’ll see how it compares 🙂




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