Day 5

On Day 5 of the cleanse. Surviving! Lots of green juice and today I’m having a kale salad and quinoa with mushrooms (in case anyone is interested). Went to morning class and went surprisingly well. Wasn’t dizzy or weak. It’s funny, I really tried not to think and it helps. It helps just to listen and have little expectations. Would like to get 2 more classes in this week for my comfortable 4x a week. I tried to do some planks and push ups last night. Yikes! Let’s just say that 🙂

In terms of my yoga class, halfmooning (one of my fave postures hence this blog’s name) has gotten more difficult lately, I think it’s because I am trying to really watch my form and not sink into either side. I was a little on the stiff side with backbending, but I tried. Still can’t get my bloody hands behind my ankles after a year! What can you do but keep gunning? My balance was better in awkward and standing head to knee but not  in bow. The mystery is really Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose, where your head is supposed to touch the ground. For a while I could grab my ankles. Now I can’t and can only manage the middle of my foot. Odd, but just going with the flow. I still cannot get my head to (bended) knee on the Standing Separate Head to Knee pose. One day!! My toe stand on my good side was moderately better, so happy with that. All in all a decent class with good class energy (don’t you love when that happens).

Happy Thurs all!


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