Day 3

Day 3 of the cleanse. Got the lemon water and the green juice in hand. Hoping this becomes more habit folks. Not craving anything, but not exactly loving what I’m eating… especially since it feels like I’m mostly drinking. Yoga class was ok. Not great, not terrible. I think that’s how most of them are. So much for my focus areas: I sat down for one set of triangle, could barely attempt toe stand and still struggled in locust( but tried)-my wrists have been pretty unhappy lately in that posture so wonder if I’m cupping my hands or something. On the plus side, my balance did seem a bit better so I guess you can’t always control progress. Maybe with yoga it’s about going with the flow vs. trying to preplan. I think inch by inch¬† I am getting more flexible (of course a relative term), I can do fixed firm but can’t touch my head to my knee without bending in the seated postures near the end of class.¬† When it’s this hot, I also push myself in varying degrees. I worked harder in the standing series so felt weaker by the time “the real yoga” came a calling. Still, it’s probably only the last set of seated bow that I gave a half assed effort. Annoyed that a work meeting with likely interfere with my Thurs class so now trying to figure out new options. It may be taking a Fri night class. Woot.


2 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Do you ever notice patterns about the time of day you go to class? I notice that my balance is better in the morning. I think it’s because I’m less distracted. I find that by the time I get to evening classes, my mind is replaying the tape of what’s gone on during the day, and that hinders my balance.

    1. Interesting. I’ve noticed I’m more flexible in the evenings. My balance seems to have taken a nose dive regardless of time… Very odd!

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