You Never Know

I went to class Sunday late afternoon it was incredibly humid. That time is also tough on a Sunday b/c  I’m generally in the mood to chill out not go to yoga. But I went to yoga. The class was surprisingly good. Having tried (and not loved) my Vinyasa class on Thurs, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but I felt good. On top of that, I’m starting a 3 week cleanse that will hopefully help with my various ailments. It ain’t easy but I’m on Day 2 and surviving. No gluten, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, dairy and nightshade vegetables. It just goes to show that you never know.

Things I am going to work on this week: Balance. So annoying! Triangle… I have been hitting a wall lately around this asana, and need to give it my all. Toe pose… really have made no progress there in ages, Locust, I really can’t seem to get my arms under my body well. I think my boobs aren’t helping but others are able to…

Will be interesting to see how the cleanse and hot yoga get along. Will let you know after my 7am class tomorrow.


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