Skinned Knees

It’s amazing to realize how a little knick or bruise can make such a difference in your practice. This happened to me once before when I had a cut on my leg. It took a lot longer to heal b/c every time I went to yoga, the scab opened up (From movement and the heat). Well, on Friday, graceful elephant that I am, I tripped and skinned my knees. Nothing serious but skinned knees with band aids on both. I tried standing bow at home and if felt ok and somehow felt if I could do that, I should be able to manage all the postures. Took class on Sat and the band aids lasted 2 seconds. I luckily was taking class with one of my fave teachers so told her about my earlier tumble and she mentioned rolling up my mat when I was doing postures on my knees… What postures I asked her? Camel,  Rabbit, Fixed Firm to name a few, she mentioned. Somehow I completely forgot about those. Oy vey.

Needless to say those postures really hurt! I rolled up my mat and put my knees above the roll to give my knees more padding, but between the heat and my pants and the rubbing against the mat, every posture on bent knees was extremely painful. The rubbing and irritation… On top of that, I had to unroll my mat for savasanna each time, resulting in me lying down for like 5 seconds instead of 20. I did final breathing with crossed legs and while completing the exercise I told myself to be thankful I can normally do the postures pain free and to be grateful for that. Funny how something as small as skinned knees can make yoga class so difficult. Like my other scrape, the scab is open and I expect it will take longer to go away as I attend classes. Seems worth the trade off.




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