Heat Prep

As I continue to fear how the heat and humidity outside affects my energy inside the hotroom, I’ve adopted a multi-pronged strategy:

More water than usual which I am drinking all day in prep for a  7pm class

Vitamin D and B in the am

Having a replenish eletrolyte drink around 6pm (haven’t tried that before)

Adding coconut water to my HydroFlask (I do this normally, so nothing new).

I’m going to see if this combination helps any more than normal and also see if end of day class seems harder than first thing in the am (I’m going to guess yes).

Are there other things other people do or try when the heat seems to pucker them out more than usual?

In actual fact, I’m still doing most of the postures.  Lately if I do need a break, I seem to sit out one set of triangle and sometimes camel. I’m definitely starting to feel a little woozy at standing bow.

I am finishing my entire hydroflask, which rarely happens the rest of the year and generally am more tired after class. Trying to adapt and see what happens…



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