I have a busy week. More plans than usual in the evenings. Some social, some work. Last night I got home after 11pm. Tonight probably after 10pm. This may seem ordinary except for that fact I try to take early am yoga classes that require me to wake up around 5:30 am and I have chronic fatigue syndrome which makes me extremely tired lately and generally in bed before 10am. It’s not fun but it’s life.

The result. No yoga this am. I feel a little guilty but I needed to sleep.  I think the humidity is also making the classes more tiring than normal so I need to get to the bottom of it as best I can (e.g., more electrolytes? water? coconut water? different foods?).

The plan? Adjust and recalibrate. How can I get my classes in? What part of my schedule is not fixed/rigid? When (if possible) will it be the least hot and humid in the hot room? I’m learning to be less compulsive and rigid and go more with the flow. It does require some planning with hot yoga (when to stop eating/drinking/do I bring yoga clothes to work, etc.) but I’m pleased that I’m getting less angry when life happens and more practical. I’m realizing flexibility isn’t just in the postures…

So, looks like yoga Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun.

What’s your schedule?


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