I  hear this phrase a lot during class. I like that in Bikram yoga, you know what’s coming so you can sort of go on autopilot and meditate/concentrate a bit more. That’s not entirely true as sometimes I find if I truly listen to the dialogue I get new bits of information…and that makes it a bit harder to do anything but listen, which may still be a meditation of sorts. Also, sometimes I feel like I’m clinging to dear life to get through and that also makes meditation a bit of a reach.

So, yesterday I took a class at a different time than usual with a different teacher than usual. I took away three lessons:

1. This was a bad ass class. No one (NO ONE) sat down despite crazy heat and humidity. Thank god I didn’t see black but I was woozy. I  put my hands down on the floor during one set of triangle and did go down on one knee in between a few postures, but I did everything as did everyone else to the best of my ability.

2. The teacher emphasized meditation a lot. I found that interesting  so I went along with it. During the second set of every standing pose when we were getting out of the posture and taking a breath, she’d say “Look in the mirror. Meditate on where you are and what you’re doing.”  or “Meditate on your breath.” After about 5x of hearing this, I found I was starting to meditate a bit, taking myself out of the class and into a calm, quiet place. It felt like she gave us an extra 5 seconds or so when we were standing to meditate and it did calm me.

3. When I do several classes in a row (not doubles, just 1 each day) I definitely get a bit more flexible, but I also get more fatigued. Yesterday, I was a tad more flexible in some key poses, but I also just felt tired and couldn’t give my all.  I’m not sure how people on challenges balance that but I found I feel better with a day break after every 2-3 classes. I’m going to try not to do that at some point and see what happens, but for now, especially with the heat, that seems to be my plan.



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