Hot Child in the City…

It’s here in NYC and boy can you feel it. As if Bikram yoga isn’t hard enough, doing it in a super humid room during Spring/Summer can really take the life out of you. I have mixed feelings about this actually b/c while I obviously like the heat and hot yoga, I don’t like when it’s so humid that it becomes a distraction from the postures (e.g., I prefer hot but not crazy hot). Yes, I know these are all challenges and help us with improving our lives but for now, I am primarily concerned with improving my yoga and when it’s so hot that I need to sit down, I’m not optimizing my time in class. I then wage an inner battle that says Get up, get up, get up.

Last night’s class was HOT and PACKED. The teacher left the door ajar the whole class and you could not even tell.  I started to feel woozy during standing bow (you know that’s the worst b/c it’s so early in class), I took it easy but did those postures. Oddly all my balance postures were off last night. That’s ok. Each day is different I guess. I was flopping around in balancing stick, but did it. Oddly, I sat out the first set of the next posture, which I’ve never done before-the standing separate leg stretching pose. Had a good second set, got my hands to my ankles but my spine is definitely rounding vs. staight. Triangle -dropped down and sat first set and completed a lame second. Balance off again in Tree, but here’s a doozy, I had a semi-decent toe stand on the one side I can go down. The other, my hands hit the ground but I can’t see to bend and go down…odd, I always feel like a kid afraid to ride a bike or dive into a pool. Gulped water before savasana (always a little nervous to do that because a few times it’s caused me to throw up later)…

Was glad to be on the floor the rest of class, especially with my balance and dizzy issues. Nothing too notable on the floor, except I did inch my elbows a bit closer on locust and think I’m getting a better sense of pushing into my arms and chest as well. Seated bow was rough. Besides finding that one of the hardest postures, it’s also at one of the hardest times in class when I’m wiped so I always feel that postures gets the least of my effort. I did both camels and made it through class. Again, not pretty, but getting it done.

I’m thinking about trying the Fri am class tomorrow, something I don’t normally do.




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