Getting It Done

I went to class Sat and it was a mixed bag. A little warmer than usual. Had a snobby girl bitch at me in the changing room (unusual). Struggled with some of the balance poses, improved flexibility in others and still tight on my left side for the separate leg seated pose, where my head does not want to touch my left knee no matter how much I bend it.

I made it through all the postures for the class. They weren’t all pretty, however, I was focusing best I could. Mixed bag like I said. At the end of class the teacher mentioned to me that I had a great class. I thanked her but raised a quizzical eyebrow… and she said, “You were one of the few people who participated in the whole class. That’s a great class.”

Now, when I need a break, I take a short one and generally don’t feel bad about it. (We all have those days), however, it did make me think. I may not be able to control how deep or pretty my postures are, but I can control my effort. I have always been a workhouse and very determined and I can work as hard as anyone. That’s what I am going to take with me to class this week. My postures will catch up to my effort!




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