I Have a Dream: Full Camel

Here’s the irony. Like many, I struggle with Camel.  I’m already spent by the time Camel comes a calling and I generally feel extremely crappy after. Just leaning back and I’m in trouble. Dizzy and nauseous. Chest up and push hips forward. Again. I’m happy when some teachers make it quick and I lament when others hold it for a minute.  I hate when teachers rush me into savasana when I’m trying to get my bearings after the posture. It certainly doesn’t come easy to me and my back is hardly super flexible. My favorite part about it is generally it means only 15 minutes left of class…

So… what do I pick at my fave ultimate pose: FULL CAMEL. O the irony!!  I love the way it looks. Amazing. I  have a friend studying to be a (Baptiste) yoga teacher and she says it’s all in the back and that it feels as uncomfortable as camel.  Hmmm. Whether I’ll ever be able to do Full Camel is another story, however, I dream about it. More importantly, I do sometimes use it as motivation for myself when it’s camel time…

Do you have a dream posture and does it inspire you?




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