Stop Thinking

I’ve been telling this to myself a lot lately. When it comes to yoga, stop thinking (which really means stop overthinking, stop obsessing, stop making excuses, stop analyzing, stop interpreting). I find this pretty tough. For one thing, I’m paid to think. For another, my mind is the boss. Clear and simple. It doesn’t like being told what to do.  Here is a sample dialogue:

Me: Yoga class in 2 hours

Mind: You’re too busy for yoga. The apt needs cleaning, there’s no food in the apt, you should call your father and visit and there’s plenty you could catch up on at work. Oh, and you’re tired. You’re fave. TV show is on and yoga takes so long.

Me: Well, you make some good points. I am kind of tired. But I’ll go to yoga.

Mind: Really? You have time for yoga but not vacuuming? How about seeing your Dad?

Me: Well, yoga is good for me.

Mind: Well then just go to the gym and do cardio for 30 min. You want to burn fat don’t you?

If I make it to class, my mind doesn’t accept defeat. It keeps prattling away

Mind: I wonder if you’ll ever be able to grab your hands behind your ankles like everyone else

Me: Shhh. I’m concentrating.

Mind: It doesn’t seem to be helping you. Remember that party 2 weeks ago…

You get the picture… So lately, in class and before, I’ve been trying to not think. To just do, go and try.  To be in the moment, to knock conscious thoughts besides reminding myself to breathe out of the way. I’m planning on really trying this for 2 weeks and seeing if I notice any difference in my practice (or my sanity)



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