Inch by Inch

Took an extremely HOT and crowded class last night. I continue to be “wobbly” in balancing postures, however, I’m working at it. It dawned on me to appreciate every inch of progress. I am definitely more flexible than last year. Not be mountains, but by some measure.  While it varies day to day, I am noticing small improvements in some postures and I’m learning to appreciate those. I think it’s more unusual to have the “WOW” moment like graduating to the next level in SH2K. Where do I see improvement? Mostly in flexibility over balance or strength. While no where near wrapping, I feel my legs are twisting a bit more in eagle, I am better in halfmooning, separate standing stretching poses, etc. I see less progress in standing bow or the spine series on the floor. However, I now try to appreciate small signs of improvement. They can be easily overlooked but I strongly recommend you give yourself a big smile when you notice small breakthroughs.




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