Yoga Outside the Hot Room

In class and from others I hear quite a bit about how the hot room prepares you well for life’s stresses. This comes up from teachers pretty frequently as another benefit of Bikram yoga. Breathing, focus, patience and determination are all part of the 90 minute class and I wrestle with those each class. Where I am less successful thus far is applying them to life outside the hot room. I wonder when and how that happens. I suppose it requires a consciousness I have not yet been able to muster up in “real life”. I feel as easily agitated, lacking patience and short tempered as before yoga (I think). Even in the hot room I struggle. When someone puts their mat right in front of me I think “Really? Is that necessary? Are you oblivious another person is right behind you?” I don’t say anything though, generally, just inch my mat over a bit.

So, adding to my list of to dos is now trying to apply yoga inside and out. I’m going to see if I can use it to help me in challenging situations or provide some calm and clarity in moments of frustration. How? I’m not sure. Perhaps start with breathing? Or see if I can conjure the same voices in my head that push me to stay in a posture or not sit down. It would also be great if I can use it to let go of things that I can be obsessive about. I know teachers say, “That posture is over. Now move on.”  That would also be great to apply…

Has anyone been successful at applying lessons from the hot room to their life outside?



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