I Can Grab My Ankles

No, not in the warm up, that will take another year or more I’m guessing, but I can grab my hands under my ankles in Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose (the one where your head is supposed to touch the floor). Whoo hoo. I waited until I was able to do it in my last 3 classes as not to jinx myself (see how my mind works).  Of course, now I’m so stretched that I can barely pull with my arms, however, guessing that’s just temporary while I get a bit more nimble.

I also found for the first time I was getting bored in class. Not sure what’s going on there as normally I’m so exhausted that I focus on survival. I will need to see if it happens again.

I’m trying to focus more on form from what I learned in my private class, although it’s proving to be very hard. Small steps!



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