Happy Bikram Anniversary and Private Class

Yesterday was one my one year Bikram yoga anniversary. And like lots of things in my life, it’s been completely imperfect. My attendance has dropped from 4 times a week to 2-3 times. For the first time, I had a winter filled with annoying colds (including one this past week to welcome Spring), and life got more complicated….from work stress to Alzehimer’s entering my family to being me diagnosed with Epstein Barr (you’re sleepy a lot). I would have liked to say I went to yoga almost everyday, but I’ll have to leave that to one of my hero’s Leigh Hall (check her out!) at mybikramyogalife.com and Mark Quast at http://dotheposture.blogspot.com

I will say I continued going. There is something in those 90 minutes we all find so satisfying, so necessary. So I look back on my anniversary with pride. I DID IT! And also the honest admission that I can do better. Both in my attendance and in how I hard I try.

So, yesterday I had a private lesson, a wonderful bday gift from my husband with one of my favorite teachers who class I missed the last 2-3 months with my schedule changes. It was supposed to be 90 minutes but was closer to 2.5 hours. See why I love her? And I am feeling it today.

I learned a ton. I really should have taped the whole thing…my memory stinks these days so hate to think I’m forgetting anything…

My toes come up with most balancing postures causing me to flail (“Taco feet” she said). I have to really be mindful of this and consciously push my toes down until they are white. The other observation is to really use my core more.

Eagle. I may never get this one. She said lots of people don’t. The key is NO space between my legs and to pull up.

Triangle. Life changing. I hope I remember all this. The way she taught me, the set up is 100% harder but you feel it everywhere.

Standing separate leg stretching pose: I grabbed behind my ankles. Was extremely tight so couldn’t grab much so def have to work on that.

My boobs are a lot of the problem. They are just in the way. Apparently that’s why I can’t reach my head to my knee isĀ  standing separate head to knee pose…Hopefully when I drop some pounds, this may help.

My annoyance of not being able to grab my ankles in the warm up (padahustasana) is prob due to tight shoulders. The teacher originally gave me an alternate way to do the pose but when she saw me do it, she said I was close, and to keep on with grabbing my ankles the best I can

SH2K: This was a downer. She said I can’t continue with my “cheat” that let’s me pull my leg out and then readjust . I have to go back to the beginning and just keep trying to grab my leg.

Toe Pose: I was super tired by then…she told me to keep trying to straighten my hip and knee (I look like a twisted mess) on the side I can do it and gave me some advice on how to get their faster for the side I cannot.

Sit up: I knew I was probably not doing the sit up right. I took video of this and will have to practice. It’s one movement vs. my jerky approach. Go figure.

Lots of insight into the spine series. Clearly I’m challenged using my upper body to help pull up my legs in several postures and in Bow, I’m too far back and need to push onto my tummy.

Got compliments on my camel (I nearly died with happiness) and we started skipping some postures due to time…I needed help on spine twisting at the end and she gave me some good advice. I still do the posture with one of my legs straight and I grab the mat. It was much harder her way and clearly I need a lot of “props” or aids in this one…

Overall, countless tips, awesome experience. She made me feel like I’m progressing and that we all have challenges in some postures. My knees and elbows look slightly bent even when straight, so even hearing things like that are fascinating as well as small tips that I suspect will help a lot. (Keep ankles down when doing warm up in halfmooning series,move arms left and right when you’re on the ground as well, etc.)


Great experience and super motivating. I am a yogi!







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