We’re all in this together

I am still recovering from an annoying cold smack in the midst of my birthday. No yoga this week so far…ahhh…   However, I was thinking about my recent class where a woman fainted and started to convulse right before triangle.  I’ve seen lots of people not feel well, but this was the worst. Normally they lie down or they leave the room. It was this woman’s first time at a Bikram class, though she had done a lot of other types of yoga and clearly looked in shape. Of course, I do not know if she was hydrated properly, if she slept well, how she was feeling that day, etc. but I know she was trying to get out of the room and didn’t quite make it. Scary. Scary to see it right in front of you. The teacher moved quickly. Got her water, put it on her face. Sat her up after a few minutes and with the help of a couple of guys in class,  got her out of the room. Another teacher came quickly to help and sat with the woman, helping her… more water on her, toweling her off, talking to her, keeping her alert. I saw a paramedic check her out, but left as the woman seemed ok. Our teacher in class told us the best thing we could do was not stare but continue our class and send positive energy. I did. I sent her healing energy and reminded myself we are all fragile and need to trust ourselves about when to take a break, to take it easy and when to push. I also found comfort in how the whole class rallied together to help this woman. It’s a nice community. I was glad to be there that day and glad the woman turned out to be ok.


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