The Joy of New Teachers

This morning I went to spin class. Have to admit, I don’t particularly like it, although I’m hoping it does help with fat burning and enhanced cardio….

This weekend I took a Bikram class with a new teacher. I was also excited as this was a time I don’t normally take class and the class was largely empty (a rarity!). I sometimes get nervous when I try a new teacher, fearful they won’t be “good” and I won’t have a great class. Generally the opposite is true. I get something new when I practice with someone for the first time.

What I liked about this teacher is she really focused on form. She described things in more detail or in a slightly different way than I have heard other teachers do. It helped me focus in new ways, which is always valuable.  I liked her perspective which was: check out how your doing in the first posture and adjust/correct in the second… I never thought of it that way before. Observe where you first and then the second time, try to make an adjustment.

I am also excited because this weekend coming up is my private class, so I’ll be sure to update on how that went.

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