I Believe in Miracles…

Where you from you sexy thing? RIP Errol Brown. What a class tune. I love the meditative quality of Bikram, although I do love music. We have a class once a quarter at my studio with music. Love it!! The week thus far has been 2 spin classes and 1 yoga class. Yoga slated for Fri and Sat as well. Pretty happy with that all things considered. I’ve also been pretty solid with my diet. Now if I could only banish cheese…I’m working on it.

What’s the plan here? Well, my one year anniversary of starting Bikram is end of next week. Granted I probably missed about a month’s worth of classes with the flu and a cold, but a year is a year. Have I made a ton of progress? No, not a ton. I’m certainly not a natural yogi, however I am a hardworking one and I have made some progress. Still can’t grab my hands behind my ankles in the warm up, but I can get all the way down in fixed firm. My husband got me a private lesson with one of my fave teachers as my birthday present, so stay tuned for that post! I will prob (hopefully) have lots of insights and tips.

At this phase, I am definitely looking to drop at least 20 lbs (and preferably 30), which I think will both make me feel better and help my yoga… compression postures without a big tummy have to be easier!! Hopefully the cardio will jump start this as yoga alone has not. I am still experimenting with class times (AM/PM) and see what works best…




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