First Day Back

Went to my Tues am class, it was packed! Makes me think maybe morning and night are not so different. It was also hot… with spring here, it’s humid and open windows don’t deliver blasts of cold air…My fave employee who’s worked with me for 7 years or so resigned yesterday so I also needed time to process that and deal.

In the beginning, I was annoyed where I placed my mat and generally distracted. During pranayama breathing I had a twinge of “I don’t want to be here,” that remained during backbends,  however, it faded and class was fine. FINE. I actually felt pretty good, perhaps in part b/c I stretched on vacation and worked out a lot? I thought my shoulders would be super tight, but not really. I  sat down on one set of triangle… not bad for my first class in nearly 2 weeks. My wrist still hurts from 3 weeks ago and doing something in locust pose that is still with me. Dang. My flexibility and strength seemed close to being what they were when I left. This made me happy. One of the guys in my class said “Welcome back to the party” this made me happy too.

So my plans now? Not sure. I’m going to try for yoga 3-4 times a week and cardio 2 times a week. Hopefully that’s manageable. As mentioned, I am pretty convinced I need cardio to get my heart stronger and burn fat. I feel I get some strength training from Bikram although not a ton for my arms, so I may try to do some weights at home…

It does feel good to be back. Back in class. Back blogging.


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