More of the same

Attended my morning class (now limited to once a week, see earlier posts) and it was pretty crowded! I was happy to be back after hurting my wrist and taking a few days off. This was what I call “more of the same” class. Not a bad class, I did nearly all the of the postures…yay!! but not a great class, meaning I saw little improvement or advancement. I did hold on and not fall out of standing bow as much, that’s the best I can find.

Same struggles, which has a much longer list than the strengths.Still cannot grab my hands under my ankles and after nearly a year and it’s starting to REALLY annoy me.  I am noting another odd thing. I cannot lift my leg and evenly put my shoulders/arms under or around my legs. It’s either my boobs or stomach that seems to get in the way (literally) of my knee, so it moves to the side, closer to my hip. I see this in standing head to knee, wind removing pose and the seated head to knee pose. Very strange! Anyone else have something similar?

Happy to have this class under my belt. Happy it’s spring. Happy I’m going away next week!


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  1. I have this in standing head to knee, going on 6 years. A teacher showed me how to grab my foot first by pulling my knee out to the side/ hip and then extend when ready.

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