Locust Made Me Do It

I think I can claim my first yoga injury… about 11 months in! My left wrist (and I’m left handed) is not happy. I have a lot of trouble not cupping my palms in locust (not too mention keeping my elbows underneath me) and somehow my left wrist since last week has been increasingly painful. I must have clearly done something to irritate it. Even moving my left wrist to check the time hurts. I took 2 days off as a result. I could feel it in poses like standing and seated bow, but could still do those. I  am going back to class today with my hardest teacher (oy!) so will see how it goes. Wonder if I am better off skipping locust this week or trying it nonetheless? Any veterans out there?  I am aiming for 4 times this week since my attendance was low last week and I’m heading out of town next week!

Luckily this doesn’t appear to be a major injury, however its the first for me that hasn’t gone away in a day or two like my usual aches and pains.



(this is not me  btw, but I can dream!)


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