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I returned to a 7pm class last night. I originally started Bikram doing night/evening classes when I began almost a year ago (!) but the past few months I have switched to morning. As some of you may have read earlier, I’m trying a slightly different routine b/c my sleep is really becoming a struggle (and I’ve always have struggles sleeping!).

Here’s my observations while I’m eating a yummy Vitality Bowl for breakfast (carrots, mushrooms, brown rice, sunchokes, beans and tahini)

Switching routines is hard and I bitched and moaned all day. What a waste of energy!

Certainly more crowded than the am, but I did get a locker and a shower fairly easily

The room was HOT. People, I know it’s hot yoga, but I mean HOT. It felt at least 10 degrees hotter than the am. Could have been the size of the class or the fact I was further from windows/doors.

The class was hard. I sat out one round of Camel, but otherwise did all the postures (although one lame set of cobra, I’ll admit it). Unsure if it’s b/c I’m not used to night, it was super hot or b/c it was a great and hard teacher, but I definitely felt like class was a bit harder and the teacher expected more (“If you can, then you must”)

As noted, this teacher is one of the best. He’s got a sarcastic personality, so not for everyone, but I find him excellent and I miss the fact some of the best teachers in my studio teach in the PM. That’s a plus

I was a bit more flexible, as expected by 7pm

Slightly less friendly, more serious crowd. I recognized 1-2 people, said hello. More business like it seems.

I still struggle with most of the postures in terms of my ability. That didn’t magically change in the evening 🙂

Got home around 9:15pm and struggled about dinner. Do I eat dinner that late? Have a lighter snack? Opted for a small portion of sesame noodles (leftover Chinese) which my husband told me was not a good decision (Eating carbs at night is the worst according to him)–whatever!

Overall, not as bad as I feared. I did miss my normal Thurs am class this morning, however, it was nice to sleep in a little so we’ll see what this new routine brings!




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