The Familiar

Happy Tuesday! I was thinking that one of the things I really like about Bikram yoga is the repetition of the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises every time. Sure, there a lot of interesting yoga poses I see all the time that I’m missing, however, for now, I’m content with the same old same old. I think knowing what’s coming is what let’s me have a bit more of a meditation and makes class more manageable. Yes, I often struggle with the same bloody poses (Compression postures, left side flexibility issues and lately, balancing, locust… most of them! ). However,  think you always struggle in class… always. Struggle to get better, struggle to make it through, to keep your cool, to balance your breathing, hold on to a posture a few seconds longer, to not coast…Maybe focus is a better word than struggle. The familiarity of the poses is comforting to me as well. I can pace myself. When I get the warm up, I feel a sense of accomplishment, when Camel is coming I psyche myself up, past Rabbit I am relieved. For me, progress is slow so I need to enjoy the process…

The familiar extends beyond the poses. I’m getting more familiar with the class -teacher and students. I didn’t make it to class last Thurs and today the teacher mentioned it . She remembered. I felt part of the team. A regular. I was getting friendly with a couple of guys in the class, but they’ve disappeared, hopefully only temporarily, so I can continue to find a collegial atmosphere. At night, it’s so packed and crowded that it’s hard for me to find that sense however since I’m planning to switch up my routine, hopefully I’ll find just what I need there as well.




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