Crazy Week

This week has been a crazy work week, resulting in a few late nights and unexpected stress. Yoga has been collateral damage and I’ll end up only going 2x this week. It happens. I’m trying to go with the flow as life has a way of throwing a few curves and the main thing is for me to get back on the wagon.

I’m also going to try to mix up my routine next week. I’ve been getting used to morning classes, but this has resulted in me not sleeping a lot and making it hard to focus. So, my plan is to try one early morning, 2 night classes and one weekend and see how it goes. I am a little nervous about the night classes as they are packed to the gills, it’s hard to get a locker, take a shower, etc. but I’ll manage. On the plus side, some of the best teachers are at night.

I’m also bracing for a holiday of sorts. The week of April 26th I’ll be at a fitness resort, god help me. For my husband’s bday, I got him (on sale 2 for 1) a week at a fitness camp where you work out for 4-5 hours a day. Yes, that is fun for him. Give me a beach. Anyway, I know they won’t have hot yoga, but hoping they have some sort of yoga and frankly, it can only do me good overall to do more cardio, weight, etc.

Have a wonderful weekend ya’ll. Namaste.

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