This morning’s class reminded the importance of patience. Yes, we all want to see improvement, results, etc. however, a lifetime of sitting, injuries, etc. take time to heal. The teacher started by saying it was extremely humid today making the room super hot and it was early morning when we’re normally not warmed up. He said take it easy, take it slow. WHAT? I normally face the class like a Navy Seal ready for battle. Take it slow? Hmmm.

Next lesson was his constantly smiling face. It just made me smile without realizing it.

Last, during wind removing pose, he told me I had to move my thigh much further to my side, away from my middle. This caused my already tight shoulders to move further off the floor (where they are supposed to be). I asked him, do I need to try to push my shoulders down? He smiled and said, one thing at a time, your thigh is already moving back to the middle. Knowing what you have to do is good. Now you know and with each class set your intention toward doing this right. How long it takes you to do it right is irrelevant. Could be years. Just try every day.





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