It’s a New Day!

OK, so the week didn’t go exactly as I had hoped and I only made it to class once! Yikes.  I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or whatever it’s new name is) a few months ago and every so often it acts up. This was one of those times. In the wise words of the always inspiring Mark Quast (check out his blog,  Do the Posture ) “Rest. Reset. Regroup.” So yoga is on the schedule for tomorrow am. I’m sure it will take a few days to catch up…what I continue to notice is how much more flexible (in relative terms of course) my right side is from my left. I see it most obviously at the end of class in the separate head to knee pose on the floor. With some minimal bending, I can get my forehead to my knee on my right side fairly easily. On the left, I have to bend my knee all the way and even then I look like some crazy jellyfish trying to get my head to my knee. Usually I can just get the tip of my nose. I know my left hip has been through a lot from my running days, with physical therapy 3x, so I guess I can’t be surprised it’s being stubborn.

I am going to really try to push the next 2 months of so, since May 18th will mark my one year to Bikram. Still trying to add in the cardio. As you can see, I added in nothing last week, so one thing at a time.

I’m sort of looking forward to Bikram in spring/warm weather again. It’s nice not to have to wear coats and so many layers. On the other hand, opening the window in spring is not nearly as refreshing as in winter.

What are you goals for the next 2 months?




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