End to the Cleanse

The cleanse is over ladies and gentlemen! Praise the most high!! I got a little sloppy the last day, however, overall happy.  I do feel a bit more refreshed, clear headed and hopefully all my vital organs got a break! Yesterday had lentil soup for lunch and some grilled fish for dinner. Had coffee this am (organic)…Later today, I think I’m going to have the eggplant parm I’ve been dreaming about. To offset that, I’m having green juice for breakfast and green juice tonight. Have a yoga class this evening, it’s the once a month class to music my studio does, so that’s a little more festive. I’ll be interested to see if my yoga strength picks up any now. I attributed sitting down in some postures to the low cal/low energy resulting from the detox.

Hoping to get in 4 yoga classes this week. In general, I’m holding steady. I still struggle to be judgement free and continue to have envy when I see people (especially new people) able to do things I still cannot. I know we are all different and that’s life…

Lately, balance seems to be a challenge, I’m falling out of bow a lot more than usual. On the plus side, I seem to be getting a tiny bit more flexible… finally! Compression postures are the devil to me (my gut seems to interfere) and I’m still trying to figure out how to include Spin into my routine.  It’s a good low impact cardio routine for me, although does seem to tighten up my already tight shoulders.

Have a great Friday everyone.

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