Day 5

So, day 5 of the cleanse.  Two more days. Had my berry concoction and green shake this morning. Scallops and steamed veggies for lunch and another shake for dinner.  Not easy however, I’m holding on. A little easier since today I’m skipping yoga. Hoping to take the Thurs am class, with Friday pm as a back up option if I feel wonky tomorrow am.

I actually have a decent amount of energy (until, it seems, I get in the hot room) and generally feel pretty good. I am drinking a lot of water, which I am already used to with Bikram. This am, indicated I had lost 5.5  lbs. We’ll see what the total is at the end. Hoping for 7, however I think things slow down as the week goes, so we’ll see.

My mind continues with food orgies, all of the same variety: carbs. Wonder what this suggests… A baked potato, mounds of pasta and the odd craving for eggplant parmesan abound. I have been looking at recipe sites today as well in some odd source of torture yet delight (I can make this in 2 days…)

Protein continues to be tricky for me, since ideally I prefer to eat no fish and stick to a vegetarian diet.

I think the detox is working as I hoped. Yes, it’s severe, however, it’s also resetting my diet. I am not going to jump back into eating as I did before. I think I have a better sense of portions, “clean vs. processed” food and my control.

Stay tuned. Namaste.


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