Cleanse Day 3

After 2 super hot and dizzy classes on my first 2 cleanse days, I’m taking today off and have a class slated for Tues. I was going to try to do a spin class tonight, however, decided just to rest and go to bed early (It’s 3:19 am I’m already tired!). I’m a little dizzy and can’t say I’m loving my protein shakes or my 4oz  of plain protein with salad. Yuck. I am adding in some green juice, just for energy.  A little nervous that come tomorrow  I’m going to collapse in a sweaty heap when standing bow pulling poses comes around (this seems to be the trend)… however, I’ve decided a partial yoga class is still better than no class, so I’ll give it my all.  I’m also a little more understanding of myself, although still frustrated when I need to take a break. Given this cleanse is fairly taxing, I’m pleased with attempting to do what I can. I  could be a little over hopeful, but I did think my rabbit pose was a tad bit easier, that’s one of the poses with weight gain I found to be much harder (my tummy gets in the way), so maybe dropping even a few pounds helps…

While on my cleanse, I’m learning some patience and discipline. I’m feeling a  few steps slower but still able to think. Here’s what I’m missing: FOOD! eggplant parmesan, Juice Press’s yummy vegan soups (especially cauliflower millet) and carbs of all varieties. I wouldn’t be surprised if I dream of pasta tonight!


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