Day 2 of Cleanse

So, made it class for Day 2 of my detox. Yesterday was rough as the class was packed and the room really hot. Today started a bit better although I was probably a bit tentative for fear of burning out before class was over. Oddly, I seemed to hear things better in class today or maybe it was just new things I heard. I got more clearly that the warm up Hands to Feet is more of a compression with chest on stomach and only pulling on legs when you have that first compression…of course, I still can’t place my hands under by ankles… (I got this tip earlier from Sefatia… check out her awesome blog… Yoga and Donuts )

Started to get in trouble around triangle. Sat out a set. It dawned on me the room was super hot. This was confirmed by some people leaving and the teacher saying the room was too hot. Finally right before camel the heat got fixed, however it had taken it’s toll. I sat out one set of camel and then trudged through the rest of class. Not by best, however, I can add it to the list of having made it.

The teacher in class said yoga is for the long haul and in my case at least, I think she’s right!


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