Yoga and Cleansing?

So today I started a one week cleanse/detox that I’ve done before (I tried it right before I got married). The first two days are the hardest, where you’re basically just drinking juice. Then for 5 days you have 2 protein shakes (1 with greens) , some sort of berry drink and 1 meal which consists of greens/salad (no dressing) and 4 oz of protein (no oils). I’ve been struggling with weight I’ve gained (written about frequently here as it relates to my yoga practice) and so I thought this may help make a dent and motivate me. Obviously not a long term solution, however I’m willing to give it a try.

I took a yoga class this am. I thought since I am day 1 of very few calories, I’d probably be ok. I was a bit dizzier than normal, sat out 1 set of standing bow (that rarely happens!, one set of triangle and 1 set of head to knee after it) and it was hardly my best class, I did it though.

I’m a bit nervous for tomorrow as I normally take a 4pm class (I have my stepson with me all day) and I’m unsure how I’ll feel in the hot room with just 2 days of some juice!

I figure the rest of the cleanse I should be ok, since it’s more substantial, although I’ll find out. Anyone do a cleanse and Bikram before and can share any insights?




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