Facing Fears

I am taking a Bikram class tonight with the hardest teacher I have found at the studio. Keeps the room super hot, really pushes you, does not like when you take a break, etc.  You probably know the type. His class is prime time, so on top of it, the studio is packed to capacity. Since I’ve switched more to classes in the morning, I have not taken his class in probably 3 months. I decided to remind myself what a really hard class is like and I signed up for tonight. I am slated for a crack of dawn class tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see if I can actually do a late evening and super early morning. In general after a night class, I do find it takes a while to fall asleep, so we’ll have to see what happens when the clock strikes 5:30am tomorrow. Yikes.

I’m also looking forward, in a sick way, to pushing myself. Not that I don’t try every class, however, this guy really makes you work. While I do more yoga, in many ways, I realize how far I have to go. While I can attempt every posture, there are several I still can barely do the first stage in (Hello, Standing Head to Knee, Separate Head to Knee, and any compression posture)… however, I’m learning more and more not to care and to just compare myself to me. This can be tricky when someone on their first day can get into toe stand, however, that’s life.

This was posted by my studio and I found it comforting:

Bikram Yoga, while done with a group, is an individualized practice. It’s about you, done by you and for your benefit. There is really no need to compare yourself to others in the room. Keep a regular practice, focus forward on your breath and alignment, and the tremendous physical and mental benefits will work their way into your life.

Wish me luck tonight!



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