I was talking to a girl after yoga class in her 4th day of a 30 day challenge. She said challenges in the past were the most effective way for her to make progress. It got me thinking. I really don’t have interest in a challenge right now, although I do have an interest in making progress. I thought going regularly was my plan ( and a challenge in itself!)

I find when I take class for many days in a row, I get exhausted. My classes end up weak, I’m on the verge of catching a cold and I stress about getting everything done in my life. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to it. I also find it extremely demanding from a time perspective when I have other commitments at hand (10 hour work day, husband, stepson, parents) to take 3 hours a day for yoga. Is it possible? Possibly.

Last, I’m trying to get a little more balanced. I was shocked when I took a spin class recently and so how crappy my cardio had become, so I was hoping to add a few spin classes or elliptical workouts to my routine. And I haven’t even added any weight or resistance training.

Have you done a challenge? How did you feel about it and the results and how did you make it work?



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