I recently read a couple of interesting posts on when to attend Bikram yoga when you’re sick from Hot off the Mat and Lindsay Dahl.

Of course, a few days later, I got sick! With other workouts in the past, I would generally take a day or 2 off if I was really sick and then do a modified workout (e.g., 30 minutes of light cardio) until I felt back to normal. One of the challenges with Bikram yoga is that there really isn’t any modified option. Sure, you could practice at home, but that’s without the heat.

With Bikram, yoga, I tend to be a little more cautious. The workout is so exhausting, long and hot, that it’s hard to imagine participating if you’re sick. Right now I’m better than I was a few days ago, but still sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose. I wouldn’t go to class b/c I think I could get someone else sick and as mentioned, I don’t feel quite strong enough. I’d rather be more cautious as once¬† I went to class when I was recovering and it seemed to delay getting better. I felt sicker after class. On the other hand, being new, I still get concerned when I miss a few days of class as I know some progress will be eroded and this is stressful.¬† I know I have to be more long-term focus and think of my yoga as a journey, not a race…

The other thing I’ve noted is that I’ve gotten more colds since starting Bikram yoga. This may be a total coincidence or it may not. Seems to me it is easy to catch something in a hot room that people are jammed into and also I think coming in and out of the hot room and into a freezing outside may also not be ideal.

Hopefully I’ll be back to my practice within a day or two.




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