Yoga Addiction

Yoga addiction is hard to understand. Easier to understand addiction to french fries, Chinese food or watching Homeland. I love those things. Yoga, I love and dread. I have a really hard time dragging myself to class, feel pressure to squeeze in yoga with a busy life, get so frustrated with my limitations, get annoyed with myself if I can’t do all the postures, and sometimes feel downright terrible in class. But, I love it! Go figure. I try to work yoga around my dinner plans, morning meetings, days off…trying to squeeze in class times that won’t wake me up at 5:15am or get me home at 11pm.

I do think it’s something chemical, something in the brain that creates a sense of contentment, however brief. It’s also a sense of accomplishment and a permanent challenge where you check off small victories…slowly.

Bikram yoga just feels like you are doing something good for your body. I am still trying to take away more of the mental perks like calmness under pressure, seeing the big picture, etc. I find those are more elusive. I lose my temper pretty easily.

Like any addiction, it’s pretty powerful and an important part of my life. I could see where one could get too obsessive about it, although right now, I’m hardly there..






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