More than Bikram Yoga?

Prior to starting Bikram yoga, I was doing mostly cardio (treadmill, stairmaster, elliptical) at the gym plus some classes (Cardio Kickboxing, etc.). I mixed in a bit of weight training as well. Since I’ve started yoga, these alternate workouts have practically dropped to zero. I am still maintaining my gym membership, although unsure why.

I went to the gym on a lark and was shocked to see how much my cardio had declined. Not that I expected yoga to make me a marathon runner, but given how much endurance it takes… well, it may give me endurance but my treadmill level and stepper levels dropped considerably. Not a shock, just disappointing. Given my weight is not really budging, I also thought maybe cardio could be a good addition to yoga…

It made me wonder what is the ideal mix staying in shape? I’m pushing myself to go to yoga class as a priority and the 2-3 days I don’t, I’m generally not doing any working out. It’s also hard to imagine given how long a Bikram class is and how much effort it takes that I would go to the gym on the same day. Not the least in all of this is time. I have a high pressure job, family obligations, etc.  A yoga class already takes about 2.5 hours of my time, between getting there, home, showering, etc.

As a birthday gift to my husband, I got him a week at a workout resort in upstate NY. (Yes, that’s what he considers a good time). It was 2 for 1, so that will be our vacation in April. I think I’ll need to start adding cardio into my week so that I can keep up there as I know most of the classes will not be yoga. Hard to know how to prioritize since I really want to build up my yoga practice.

What’s your ideal workout combinations?



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