All Wrong

I was in a 7am class today and the substitute teacher commented on my warm up with Pada-Hastasana. I’ve already mentioned I can’t scoop my hands behind my ankles, I tend to get close but stay closer to the sides of my feet. My head and stomach don’t touch my thighs however I can get my legs straight when I stretch. The teacher had me bend my knees more and move even more forward on my toes. I have to admit I was confused since  I tend to straighten my legs when I stretch. Maybe I don’t understand the purpose of the pose. I’m going to review the descriptions online. My way, I’m definitely pulling and stretching my hamstrings, but not getting much out of the sandwich part. His way, knees were bent, I was more forward and pushing myself more together vs. stretching my hamstrings.  Live and learn!


the right way below.


One thought on “All Wrong

  1. The posture is less about stretching, more a pressure pose. We are meant to have our bellies touching our thighs the entire time. So if you have to bend your knees to get that compression, you bend as much as necessary. Making the “sandwich.” Keeping your belly flat against your thighs, then try to straighten your legs.


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