More Yoga

Last week I managed 3 Bikram classes and 1 Restorative class. That’s my minimum, but since I’ve been struggling, I’m glad I got them in. I still waiver between morning and night classes, which I think is fine, except it makes sleeping harder. (Yes, I’m one of those yogis who has insomnia, despite all the talk of yoga helping with sleep).

This week I have plans for Tues, Wed and Thurs night, plus Sat. So, got a class in today, planning on tomorrow am, hopefully Thurs am and Friday night. I might be able to take a class over the weekend as bonus or make up depending how things go.

Right now, I’m more into routine and getting back in the flow. Classes are a struggle and hard. I still can’t figure out why I struggle with so many poses. Why can’t after 9 months I put my hands under my feet to properly start standing head to knee? Why can’t my hands scoop my ankles in the beginning of class with the warm up? Why doesn’t my head touch my knee in separate standing head to knee, where connecting head to knee is the posture? Yes, these noises still clamor in my head but they don’t stop me from trying and going to class. I know that’s the only way I’ll get better.

Go go go! Namaste.

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