The Grind

Recently I’ve had a series of what I call “grind” classes. Not great and not bad, just a grind to get through. On the plus side, I’ve managed to do all the postures this week and not skip any, on the down side, I don’t see any improvements or progress. It seems so random.

It still amazes me how difficult it is to undue years of injuries that resulted in being tight and inflexible. My left side is a total mess. Despite physical therapy on a running-related hip injury and rotator cuff injury  more than 15 years ago, the consequences still reign supreme.

I like to think any class I go to and try is going to help and be a building block toward getting better. A check on my tally of effort. On the negative side, I recall a teacher telling a class that showing up is not enough.¬† If you’re lazy when you do Bikram, your progress will be slow.

I know the grind classes will pass and then they’ll come back and then they’ll go away again. Nature of the yoga I guess.


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