Jumping back into morning classes after being out of town the last few days. I’m never what I would call my most alert at 5:30 am. I put on my yoga clothes, then my regular clothes (it’s cold out!) and head to class. Starting today, for the next 2 weeks, my usual morning teacher is away so I’ll be having a series of subs. Should be an interesting way to experience different teachers and how I relate. This morning the class was more packed than usual, making me think the teacher was pretty great. It was a teacher I never had before. He was very chatty, friendly and demonstrated a lot of the postures-something I rarely see. He was extremely animated, which was nice while the cobwebs of my sleep disappeared.

I completed all postures, better in some (airplane), worse in others (bow sitting pose),  challenged in the same group where I am struggling (standing head to knee, bow, toe, etc.) but generally pleased with getting the class done.

So, readers, the story starts here. I head back to the locker after a too brief savassana. Out of the shower, I’m starting to put on my clothes and realize I forgot to bring a bra. First time that’s happened, but I immediately realized I didn’t put one in my bag. So I’m starting to panic and quickly thinking through my options. It’s 8:30, I don’t have time to run home, are any stores open. I put on my shirt without a bra hoping… no go. Then it hits me they have yoga bra tops for sale. So, I put on my clothes, cover up with my coat and buy the plainest, black sports bra (of course, size Large, WTF??!) and head to my office where I immediately lock myself in the bathroom and redress. Disaster averted. You can believe when I get home tonight, a bra will be the first thing I pack into my bag for tomorrow’s class.


My Bahia black yoga bra, although this is not me and my size large


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