A Good Day

So, Sunday has been a good day. I made a deal on Twitter with a great blogger, Mark, from http://dotheposture.blogspot.com/  He and I both seem to sometimes struggle (don’t we all)… so he said let’s both go to class Sunday. We did. He went at the crack of dawn (kudos) and I went later in the day. I had a decent class and a decent day with food, so that to me is a good day. Yoga is easier when I don’t have work and stress to manage, so let’s see how the week goes. I am guzzling my new post-yoga addiction: club soda mixed with Perrier pink grapefruit sparkling water. I find it so refreshing after class. I could drink 20 glasses of this.

My class was better than I anticipated since the last class I went to before today was 6 days before. Those long breaks usually take their toll. Especially when you’re stiff to begin with. Not so much today, while I still am not back to my best (hello… I was just starting toe pose and now can only, barely do it on one side), whatever flexibility I had was largely intact.I do find my left side is extremely tight and I notice it especially at the very end of class during the separate touching head to one leg at a time pose. I have to bend my left knee to kingdom come and I can still barely touch it to my head.

Still, amazing the power of even just one class to change mood and perception. Powerful stuff.



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