Revisiting Resolutions: 30 days later

I skimmed a post I wrote a month ago and wanted to see how I’m faring. I’d say I’m not doing too great with items 1-3 and I am succeeding more with 4-5.

Go as often as possible: Like Lotto, you need to be in it to win it.

Follow up:  I still am not attending class as often as I’d like. I was easily hitting 4x a week over the summer and now I struggle for 3x. I know that’s sort of the Bikram minimum. Last week I only went 2x. This week, I’m slated for 3. I’m still behind from where I was with certain postures… So, I’m going to refocus on aiming for 4x week. I thought first thing in the am was best since it’s less likely to get canceled due to work or family issues, however, I’m struggling to wake up at 5:15 in the am, so perhaps I need to revisit.

Avoid judging myself in class. There is no shame in being a beginner.

Follow up:  I still am judging. I feel like my weight gain is making certain poses harder than before so then I tend to judge myself very harshly in class. Occasionally loathing comes in, most of it’s annoyance.

Smile and stay positive. When I fall out of a posture like Standing Bow, I tend to shake my head and get annoyed. What is that famous Bikram quote, “Falling out of a posture means you’re human. Getting back in means you’re a yogi.” I need to shift my attitude

Follow up:  Similar to above, I can get agitated, although I am working on this. First I smile and then I try to shake it off. As long as I trying (see last item), I don’t mind struggling

It’s ok to sit down if I need it. Then let it go. I’m not going to feel guilty if I need to sit out a posture occasionally. I just need to make sure I don’t get bad habits.

Follow up:  I have been able to do this. I rarely skipped any postures and now I tend to sit out one set (not 2)  of something usually right after triangle. I don’t want to get lazy, but if I need a break, I’m confident enough to take it. Sometimes the teachers say something, however, since I get back up right away, they seem to understand. I find it’s also made my effort throughout the end of class a bit better.

Do the work. When I’m in class, I need to be in the moment. Not thinking about dinner, vacation or work.

Follow up:  This is probably my most successful resolution thus far. I still need to work on it, however, my focus is better and I push harder. Maybe not as hard as I can all the time, but definitely an improvement.

Overall, a mixed bag after 30 days. I think working on making my attendance more consistent is my biggest priority. How often do you go to class?



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