Hot and Cold

Hot yoga in snowstorm? Wacky Made it to Monday’s class before things got canceled. I struggled with motivation, however, just went, which is always the thing to do. It was one of the smallest classes I’ve taken. Normally I’d be thrilled, this time more self conscious about my inability to do everything from grabbing my hands behind my ankles, properly lift my leg in standing head to knee and not being able to have my forehead touch my knee in standing separate head to knee (after triangle). It’s dawned on me, I am just not flexible! I am stiff, tight and progress is slow, further aided by my irregular attendance.

My left side is considerably tighter than my right (thanks to a decade-old shoulder injury and a left hip that survived 3 different physical therapy efforts due to running myself ragged over the years).  I just need to make peace with this. I’ll get better, although who knows when or how much better. Progress will happen and that’s all I can focus on. My friend who is studying to be a yoga teacher firmly believes every body is different and not everyone can do everything. So, will my hands eventually be able to scoop up my ankles and let me be a sandwich? Will my legs twist around each other in eagle? Will my forehead  ever touch my knee? (Imagine how fun it is to have these two far apart when every teacher says, “You must touch your forehead to the knee, that’s when this posture starts. It’s not a stretch, it’s a compression, if you don’t touch your forehead to your knee, you get no benefit.”) Yes, I know , I just can’t do it!! Annoying. I know I will certainly get better and that’s where I need to focus.  I really want to pick up my attendance and assess how I’m doing  in May, which will mark my one year anniversary. I am going to try hard however still practice acceptance and patience, two current weaknesses right now.

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